Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release about Netanyahu’s plans to annex the West Bank and Jordan Valley

10 September, 19

The statements made by Netanyahu about annexing the West Bank and the Jordan Valley will neither change reality nor stop the resistance of our people against the Israeli occupation and schemes.

Such statements reflect the aggressive policy adopted by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, land, and property. As the US administration encourages the Israeli occupation to go on with its aggressive policy, it partners the Israeli occupation with criminal acts perpetrated against the Palestinian people.

In addition, the escalating normalisation at the regional level and the demeanor of the Palestinian Authority have paved the way for the Israeli occupation to continue its aggressive acts.

Accordingly, such a situation urges all Palestinian people and factions to adopt a unified national strategy which has all forms of resistance as the core.

Furthermore, the Palestinian Authority MUST halt security collaboration with the Israeli occupation and stop chasing freedom fighters in the West Bank. United, the PA along with the Palestinians must tackle Netanyahu’s aggressive policies and isolate and delegitimize the Israeli occupation.

Fawzi Barhoum

Hamas spokesperson

September 10, 2019