Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on remarks made by Friedman about zionist settlement in Palestine

11 September, 19

On statements made by US ambassador David Friedman that the "Jews will forever remain" in Palestine, Member of Hamas International Relations Office Dr. Basem Naim stated the following: 

The remarks made by US ambassador to the Israeli occupation David Friedman in Sderot settlement  that the "Jews will forever remain" in Palestine reflect his extremist Zionist mentality.

Adding that the US administration does not find a problem if the Israeli occupation attacks Gaza, Friedman expresses his extremism only, rather than a position of an ambassador for a state that claims neutrality and mediation for peace and stability.

Indeed, we condemn such remarks as an aggression against the Palestinian people, for they incite the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people. Moreover, Friedman’s statements impede international endeavours to solve the conflict and achieve stability in the region.

Such US extremist stances have significantly paved the way for the racist Israeli demeanor exhibited as the annexation of Palestinian territories, judaization shames, and offensives against our people. In addition, the US support has provided a cover for the Israeli occupation to evade prosecution for the crimes committed against the Palestinians.

Dr. Basem Naim  

Member of Hamas International Relations Office

September 11, 2019