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Palestinian resistance to foil Netanyahu’s plans to annex West Bank, says ex-Hamas chief

11 September, 19

The Palestinian resistance will thwart Netanyahu’s plans to take over the occupied West Bank, former Hamas chief Khaled Meshal said Tuesday evening.

Meshal’s remarks came following the Israeli prime minister’s statements in which he vowed to annex the Jordan Valley and the occupied West Bank.

Speaking at a mourning tent held in Doha, Qatar, for Palestinian detainee Bassam al-Sayeh, who died due to medical negligence in Israeli prisons, Meshal stressed that Netanyahu was trying to use Palestine, Israeli violations against Palestinians and their holy sites as a “material for his election campaign” amid Arab and Muslim silence. 

Meshal reiterated the option of resistance would remain the unified and core strategy for the Palestinian people and would stick to this “path” to face off and thwart Israeli schemes.

The former Hamas chief confirmed that his movement was exerting all efforts possible to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories and restore Palestinian rights.

It is our duty to free the Palestinian people and land from the brutal occupation, restore their rights, and liberate Jerusalem and al-Aqsa Mosque, Meshal added.   

Bassam al-Sayeh

Meshal mourned the death of al-Sayeh, who died due to a deliberate policy of medical negligence in Israeli prisons.

Meshal hoped that al-Sayeh’s death would herald the continuation of the option of resistance.

Palestinian detainees

The senior Hamas official stressed that the issue of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons is a top priority for his movement.

Meshal stressed that Hamas would spare no effort to push the Israeli occupation to release the Palestinian detainees.