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Battle against Hamas designation as “terror” group to continue, says Hamas official

12 September, 19

Basem Naim, Memebr of Hamas International Relations Office
Basem Naim, Memebr of Hamas International Relations Office

The legal battle in which Hamas fights against the European policy, which labels the resistance movement and its military wing as “terrorist organisations”, will not stop, member of Hamas International Relations Office Dr. Basem Naim said Wednesday.

Calling the EU policy towards Hamas “immoral and illegal,” Naim pointed out such policy is operated under pressure from the Israeli occupation and Israeli lobby.

Naim added that the Palestinian people would fight off this policy, hailing the European Court of First Instance’s decision to remove Hamas from “terror” lists.

 “We will continue defending our people with all means possible, including the armed resistance, until Palestinian rights to freedom and independence are restored,” Naim continued.

Naim confirmed that resisting the Israeli occupation is a legitimate right guaranteed by all international standards, stressing that the Palestinian people would eventually win their legal battle for their rights, “just as South Africa among other states which had fought for dozens of years.”

Regarding the resignation of US envoy for the Middle East Jason Greenblatt, Naim said that the “deal of the century” was “born dead” and was unanimously rejected by all segments of the Palestinian people.

“The resignation of Greenblatt, the plan’s dynamo, reflects a new failure for the deal of the century,” Naim added.

As for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, Naim described the grassroots movement as a “tool in the conflict against the Israeli occupation but not a substitute for other tools.”

Naim explained that he was still sending official letters to Arab and Islamic states among other nations around the globe, as well as human rights groups and international organisations to highlight its position as a resistance movement and elaborate on the just Palestinian cause.

“Every day, a new gate is opened for the Palestinian people to achieve their aspirations and just rights,” Naim concluded.