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Hamas to respond positively to any effort leading to consensus, says Hamas official

15 September, 19

Husam Badran, Member of Hamas Political Bureau
Husam Badran, Member of Hamas Political Bureau

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Husam Badran said Saturday that his movement is ready to respond positively to any effort aimed at achieving national consensus.

In a press release, Badran there were efforts exerted by some “major” Palestinian factions to make a breakthrough in the current political Palestinian impasse.

Badran reiterated that national unity is a priority that Hamas is seeking “with all its capabilities,” adding that his movement would not accept the intra-Palestinian division to widen. 

“I hope such efforts will be met with a positive response from Fatah, especially with a deadlock in the political horizon and the failure of the [PA-adopted] option of negotiations with the Israeli occupation,” Badran added. 

The Israeli occupation in every assault on Gaza tries to change the rules of engagement, Badran noted, stressing that the Palestinian people and resistance factions would not allow such rules to be altered.

Badran explained that Hamas’ stances towards ceasefire understandings are constant, but the Israeli occupation has breached this agreement more than once.


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