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Hamas warns against possible Israeli offensive

16 September, 19

Taher al-Nunu, Media Advisor for Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh, warned Sunday the Israeli occupation against any aggression against Gaza.

“It’s clear that [Israeli] occupation’s leaders are competing in threatening the Gaza Strip amid the internal Israeli failure,” al-Nunu said in a press release.

Al-Nunu added that such threats were made to garner more votes in the Israeli elections.

The Hamas official warned the Israeli occupation against “playing with the Palestinian blood” or turning Gaza into an area for gaining more votes in its internal elections.  

If dragged into a battle with the Israeli occupation, the Palestinian resistance will fight and defend its people, al-Nunu continued.

Regarding the options that Palestinian factions have to face off the Israeli threats, al-Nunu said that the Palestinian resistance has many options, above all defending the Palestinian people.

Al-Nunu called on the international community to pressure the Israeli occupation to lift its siege on Gaza and press the Palestinian Authority to end its sanctions imposed on the besieged enclave. 


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