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Hamas ready for elections if held with national consensus, says Hamas official

02 October, 19

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Khalil al-Hayya hoped on Tuesday that Fatah would respond to the initiative introduced by Palestinian factions to restore national unity.

In a press release, al-Hayya reiterated that Hamas accepted the factional vision to heal the internal division, stressing that Hamas is ready for general elections to be held.

Al-Hayya pointed out that Hamas found the initiative “in line with the agreements signed upon” by Palestinian factions, wishing success for such effort.

Lauding the national efforts exerted to present the factional vision on unity, al-Hayya said this initiative had been presented to all Palestinian factions, Egypt, and the Arab League.

Palestinian elections

Al-Hayya reaffirmed that Hamas had agreed on holding general elections, noting that his movement’s position is in line with all Palestinian factions.

“We are ready for the results of the polls,” al-Hayya said, adding that Hamas would participate in legislative and presidential elections if held with national consensus.

Gaza field hospital

Regarding the field hospital in northern Gaza, al-Hayya confirmed that the international hospital is “one of the fruits of the Great Return March,” noting that the Qatari-funded hospital would operate in coordination with Palestinian Health Ministry.

Al-Hayya stressed that the US field hospital will be run by an American NGO and will not be funded by the US government.

The Hamas official noted that Hamas was following up with mediators the implementation of ceasefire understandings reached with the Israeli occupation.

“Those who besiege Gaza and prevent medicine from it shouldn’t oppose any project set up in Gaza,” al-Hayya insisted, pointing out that his movement was seeking various alternatives to solve the electricity crisis in the besieged enclave.  

Egyptian hospital

Egypt has sent medical and humanitarian aid convoys to the Gaza Strip, al-Hayya said.  

Al-Hayya revealed that Egypt had informed his movement of a plan to erect a field hospital in the blockaded Gaza Strip, adding that Hamas discussed with Qatar how to improve the industrial zone in eastern Gaza in order to provide further jobs for Palestinian workers.

The Hamas official indicated that Hamas is in touch with Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations on a daily basis to follow up the enforcement of understandings reached with the Israeli occupation to lift its 13-year siege on Gaza.     

Swap deal

As for a new prisoner swap deal, al-Hayya reaffirmed his movement’s willingness to get into indirect negotiations with the Israeli occupation on another prisoner exchange deal, stressing that the Israeli occupation has not taken serious steps in this regard.

The deputy Hamas chief in Gaza confirmed that the Palestinian resistance is ready to defend its people against any Israeli aggression.

Regarding the Palestinian held in Saudi Arabia, al-Hayya renewed his movement’s call on the Saudi authorities to release all Palestinians detained in the country, including Hamas representative in Saudi Arabia Mohammed al-Khoudari. 


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