Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on formation of ‘technical committees’ to discuss slashed Palestinian tax revenues

07 October, 19

Considering the formation of technical committees to audit the tax fund as a great victory by the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority is an attempt to promote delusive achievements and a cover for the PA’s failure and defeat against the Israeli occupation in order to deceive the public Palestinian opinion.

The PA is still caving in to the Israeli occupation and its conditions and is depriving thousands of families of Palestinian martyrs, detainees, and wounded of their stipends, let alone slashing salaries of thousands of its civil servants in Gaza.          

This move proves that all decisions taken by PA President Mahmoud Abbas to halt agreements with the Israeli occupation were a big lie that will not fool the Palestinian people and factions, who should assume their national role in putting an end to Abbas’ abhorrent policy and monopolistic approach to the Palestinian situation.

Hamas Movement

October 7, 2019