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Hamas urges renewal of mandate for Palestinian institutions through inclusive elections

08 October, 19

Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri restated his movement’s commitment to holding inclusive election, involving presidential, legislative and National Council elections, to renew the “legitimacy” of all Palestinian institutions.

In a press release, Abu Zuhri called for a renewal of the legitimacy of Palestinian institutions through elections, “given that the mandate for all of these institutions has already expired.”

Abu Zuhri stressed that renewing the presidency mandate is a top priority now, adding “a president whose mandate has expired cannot call for legislative elections in breach of his authorities and legitimacy at the same time.”    

The Hamas official deplored the PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ insistence to hold legislative elections while ignoring presidential elections. 

Abu Zuhri condemned Abbas’ move as a “recklessness for the national Palestinian position and an attempt to skip the factional initiative for Palestinian reconciliation,” which is accepted by all factions except for Fatah.

The PA President assigned on Monday evening Hanna Nasser, head of Palestinian Central Elections Committee, to immediately resume talks with Palestinian factions and all concerned sides to prepare for legislative elections. 


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