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Hamas discusses Palestinian cause with Lebanon’s Amal Movement

10 October, 19

Hamas representative in Lebanon Ahmad Abdel Hadi, accompanied by a delegation from the Palestinian resistance movement, met Wednesday Jamil al-Hayek, head of Amal Political Bureau.

Both delegations discussed the latest developments concerning the Palestinian cause, particularly the “deal of the century” and the conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and the consequences of the Labour Ministry’s measures against Palestinian workers.

Abdel Hadi briefed al-Hayek on all forms of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people, including the Gaza siege, judaization of occupied Jerusalem, and Israeli plans to divide al-Aqsa Mosque spatially and timely.

Highlighting the necessity of national unity based on the option of resistance, Abdel Hadi called on the Arab and Islamic nations to support the Palestinian people to foil the “deal of the century” and end the Israeli occupation to Palestine.   

Abdel Hadi informed the political bureau of Amal Movement of the initiative presented by Palestinian factions to achieve reconciliation

The Hamas representative noted that his movement has accepted the factional vision without preconditions, as it realises the importance of national unity to face off the challenges posed to the Palestinian cause.

Abdel Hadi called on Fatah to “seize the chance” and accept the factional initiative in order to preserve the Palestinian rights and constants.

Regarding the Labour Minister’s measures against Palestinian workers in Lebanon, Abdel Hadi called for practical steps to be taken to amend the Labour Law and treat Lebanon’s Palestinians as refugees not as foreigners.

Al-Hayek, in turn, welcomed the Hamas delegation, stressing that the Palestinian cause is a matter of interest for Lebanese parliament speaker Nabih Berri.   

The Amal chief pointed out that his movement along with its allies was seeking to pass civil and humantarian rights for Palestinian refugees in parliament.


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