Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on planned visit by Saudi squad to Ramallah after Israeli occupation lets the team in

11 October, 19

Hamas considers the planned football match between Saudi Arabia and Palestine in Ramallah, scheduled for October 15, 2019, a form of normalisation with the Israeli occupation because it takes place after the approval of the Israeli occupation.

Regardless of the justifications, Hamas thinks that such an event is a big normalisation activity and therefore it is condemned and denounced. The sole beneficiary of such a step is the Israeli occupation that aims to redeem its dark image and stop its isolation in the region.

Moreover, the upcoming soccer match provides a cover for the Israeli occupation to perpetrate more crimes and violations against the Palestinian people, the last of which was breaking into Al-Aqsa Mosque by hundreds of Israeli settlers under the protection of Israeli security forces.

While the Israeli occupation lets the Saudi squad in, it kills Palestinian civilians, injures and arrests Palestinian athletes, and targets sports infrastructure and facilities in Palestine. Most importantly, it bans hundreds of Palestinian athletes from participation in international sports festivals.

We warn our Saudi brothers against letting the Israeli occupation to exploit their good intentions of supporting sports in Palestine. The Israeli occupation, indeed, takes advantage of such events to redeem its dark image, pass vicious schemes, and make itself, as a rouge entity, accepted by the region’s peoples

Accordingly, we demand Saudi Arabia to reverse such a step and replace it with activities to support the Palestinian people, especially Palestinian sports. In addition, Saudi Arabia should chase Israeli war criminals at international courts, isolate the Israeli occupation at all levels, especially in sports, until the occupation meets the Palestinians’ just rights to freedom and independence.

Hamas Movement

Thursday, October 10, 2019