Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas condemns Israeli plan to displace 36,000 Palestinian in Naqab

13 October, 19

Hamas Refugee Affairs Office denounced an Israeli plan to displace about 36,000 Palestinians from al-Naqab, south of historic Palestine and transfer them to makeshift camps in a bid to confiscate their homes and lands.

In a press release, the office warned against the repercussions of such Israeli plan on Palestinian villages in the Naqab, noting that it might lead to the displacement of about 90,000 Palestinians living in 35 villages that lack infrastructure and access to water and electricity.

The office hailed Palestinian residents of the Naqab, civil society organisations, and heads of local Arab councils for rejecting the Israeli plan aimed at creating new refugee camps for the Palestinians.   

The Refugee Affairs Office called on Palestinian residents of the Naqab to take a firm stand and foil the Israeli plan intended to liquidating the Palestinian villages, unrecognised by Israeli occupation authorities.