Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas chief congratulates Tunisian president-elect on victory

16 October, 19

Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh congratulated on Tuesday evening Tunisian president-elect Kais Saied on his victory in the country’s presidential elections and success of the Tunisian democratic process.

In a phone call, Haniyeh hailed Tunisia’s democratic process, praising the elected Tunisian president’s stance towards the Palestinian cause, particularly his position against normalisation with the Israeli occupation.

The Hamas chief offered the Tunisian people the Palestinian people’s congratulations on the election win of President Kais Saied in this crucial stage.  

The Tunisian President, in turn, expressed his thanks and gratitude to the top Hamas official for his phone call, stressing that the Palestinian cause will be present in the Arab consciousness and that he will stand with the Palestinians until they restore their freedom and establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital in spite of all attempts to downplay the Palestinian cause over the past years.

Saied salute the Palestinian people, in general, and Gaza’s residents, in particular, for setting a great example of steadfastness and resilience, highlighting the deep historic relationship between the Palestinian and Tunisian peoples.