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Hamas hails Palestinian efforts to help extinguish Lebanon wildfires

16 October, 19

Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas praised Tuesday the efforts of Palestinian institutions in Lebanon to put down the fires that broke out in several areas in the country.

In a press release, Hamas praised the efforts of volunteer firefighters, who came from Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps, to halt the spread of the wildfires as a “clear evidence of the Lebanese-Palestinian bromance entrenched in the consciousness of both the Palestinian people and their Lebanese brothers.”

The blazes have started on Tuesday dawn in forest around Lebanon and spread across various areas in the country.

“What has happened bring us back to joint positions and sacrifices by both peoples, especially when Lebanon suffered from assaults and calamities,” Hamas continued.

The resistance movement pointed out that Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees “care about the safety and prosperity of Lebanon and its people.”   

About 174,422 Palestinian refugees live in 12 refugee camps and 156 residential communities across Lebanon, according to data provided by the Lebanese Central Administration of Statistics in 2017.