Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on 80th Friday of Great Return March

25 October, 19

On the Palestinians’ participation in 80th Friday of the Great Return March, Hamas spokesperson Hazem Qasem stated the following:

As the Palestinian masses insist to participate in the 80th Friday of the Great Return March, they express their ability to resist the Israeli occupation in the long run. The Palestinian can stand steadfast in face of the Israeli occupation until restoring their rights.

The Great Return March is disappointing to all sides that have relented on the tiredness of the Palestinians, keeping in mind that lethal forces by Israeli occupation forces has failed to stop the mass protests.

On the next Friday, the Palestinian masses will participate in “Down with Belfour Declaration” protest. Then we will stress our right to all Palestinian territories and confirm that Belfour Declaration is null and void. Resistance with all forms possible will tear apart this illegal declaration, along with all plots targeting our rights and constants.

Hamas spokesperson

Hazem Qasem