Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on hunger strike by Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails

27 October, 19

Hamas holds the Israeli occupation fully responsible for the lives of Palestinian detainees on hunger strike, especially after their health conditions have deteriorated.

The Israeli occupation has not met the demands of the Palestinian prisoners who protest agonist their administrative detention and arbitrary Israeli measures against

We deplore the dubious silence of international and humanitarian organisations and human rights groups over such crimes and violations against Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, calling on them to intervene immediately to end their suffering and save their lives.

Hamas restates that it is committed to support the Palestinian detainees and their just issues and will continue to express solidarity with them and bolster their steadfastness, as this is a national and moral duty for the Palestinian people.

We urge the Palestinian factions to intensify their efforts in support of Palestinian detainees on hunger strike in order to enhance their steadfastness to face off the racist Israeli practices in Israeli prisons. 

Hamas Movement

October 27, 2019