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No progress in issue of Palestinians detained in Saudi Arabia, says Hamas official

28 October, 19

Husam Badran, Member of Hamas Political Bureau
Husam Badran, Member of Hamas Political Bureau

No progress has been made in the issue of Palestinians detained by Saudi authorities, head of Hamas’ National Relations Office Hosam Badran said Monday.

In a press release, Badran denounced the Saudi arrest of Palestinians as “inexplicable and unacceptable,” hoping for an immediate release of all Palestinians detained in Saudi Arabia.

In a previous statement, Hamas announced that Saudi authorities is holding Hamas official Mohammed al-Khoudari along with his son, noting that the 81-year-old was in charge of managing the movement’s relationship with Saudi Arabia for over than two decades.   

Commenting on the intra-Palestinian division, Badran said that there is one Palestinian side insisting on monopolising decision-making and control over national institutions.

“But, we have a real chance to end division,” Badran continued, citing an initiative presented by eight Palestinian factions to heal the intra-Palestinian rift.

Badran stressed that his movement would continue exerting efforts to “get out of the state of division as soon as possible,” noting that Hamas has unconditionally accepted the factional vision on national unity.

The Hamas official pointed that Fatah’s failure to give an official response to the factional initiative has undermined such effort to heal the Palestinian division.

Eight Palestinian factions have introduced an initiative to end the intra-Palestinian rift and achieve reconciliation.