Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas calls for ‘fertile’ environment for Palestinian elections

30 October, 19

Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council Fathi al-Qarawi called Tuesday for providing a “fertile” environment to ensure success of the Palestinian election process.

“If there’s a true intention to hold fair Palestinian elections involving all segments of the Palestinian spectrum, the Palestinian arena must be geared up” for such goal, al-Qarawi said in a press release.

The Hamas MP condemned the political arrest campaigns carried out by the Palestinian Authority security forces against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, calling for an immediate release of political prisoners and an end to arrest campaigns targeting Palestinian activists.    

Al-Qarawi accused the PA security forces of “targeting the academic Palestinian process,” citing the arrest of university students by the PA security forces.

Describing political arrests by the PA security forces as a “poisonous dagger in the back of the Palestinian people and a bleeding wound that must be treated,” al-Qarawi noted that the PA has recently escalated its detention campaigns against Palestinians, mainly Hamas supporters over their political affiliation.