Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on arrest of PFLP official by Israeli occupation

31 October, 19

Hamas strongly condemns the arrest of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) official and member of the Palestinian Legislative Council Khalida Jarar by Israeli occupation forces.

The arrest campaigns targeting the Palestinian people, their figures and leaders, along with members of the Legislative Council reflect the scale of injustice and terrorism that the Palestinian people face amid a suspicious, regional and international silence over all Israeli crimes and violations.

Jarar’s detention and holding national figures alongside thousands of Palestinians in Israeli occupation prisons will not dissuade the Palestinian people from continuing their struggle to defend their lands, rights and holy sites. Rather, such practice will push the Palestinians to embrace the option of resistance and fight off the Israeli aggression, projects, and schemes.

Such arbitrary arrests confirm the seriousness of going back to the negotiation table with the Israeli occupation and continuing security coordination with it. 

We call on the Palestinian people and factions to continue and intensify their actions in solidarity and support of Palestinian detainees, including the prisoners on hunger strike, in Israeli prisons, as this is part of our duty towards them until ending their suffering and releasing them from Israeli jails.