Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Balfour Declaration anniversary

02 November, 19

The Palestinian People commemorate 102nd anniversary of the Balfour Declaration comes while the they are still suffering from ongoing injustice, oppression, and aggression against their occupied lands and holy sites, and the Palestinians scattered in the refugee camps. The Israeli occupation have been perpetrating heinous crimes and violations against the Palestinian people, including killings, displacement, besieging, arrests, and home demolitions, since the establishment of its alleged entity in 1948 on the ruins of Palestinian villages and towns because of the ill-fated pledge made by Britain’s Foreign Minister Balfour, who helped the Zionist gangs occupy the Palestinian territories.  

The British government that gave this unfair pledge to the Zionists is the reason behind the suffering that the Palestinian people have been experiencing for decades. One of the results of this fake promise is the expected release of the so-called “deal of the century”, which is rejected unanimously by the Palestinian people. Since the Balfour Declaration is illegal and violates all humanitarian norms and international laws, Britain should backtrack on its move and apologise for the Palestinian people for the massacres and tragedies cause by this pledge for more than a century.   

Since the 1917 ill-fated Balfour DE clarion and the 1948 Israeli occupation of their lands, the Palestinian people have been facing all forms of aggression. Despite of the bloody and tragic milestones and void decisions coupled with international conspiracies, the Palestinian people are still sticking to their homeland, which has won their hearts and minds, and thus are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of their freedom and independence. Under any circumstances, the Palestinian people will not abandon their lands and will remain steadfast and resilient in the face of the occupation. All conspiracies and defeatist agreements will not break the Palestinian will and legendary steadfastness and will not abolish the just Palestinian rights in spite of all attempts to normalise ties with the Israeli occupation and grant it fake legitimacy.

The anniversary of the ill-fated Balfour Declaration comes as Jerusalem is facing fierce Israeli attempts to judaize the holy city, change its features, and take over al-Aqsa Mosque that Israeli occupation forces and settlers continue to desecrate, close it to Palestinians, while assaulting Palestinian worshippers and banning them from entering the sacred compound. 

On this painful anniversary, Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas states the following:

First: The Balfour Declaration, which is the basis for the tragedy of the century, the cause for the gravest injustice in history, and has established a Zionist entity on the Palestinian territories with support from Britain that authorised itself to manage the Palestinian lands and resources, is null and void and is made to distort history and abolish the Palestinian rights; Britain should bear the responsibility for the tragedies inflicted on the Palestinian people as a result of this pledge.

Second: We salute the free voices that have expressed its solidarity with the Palestinian people and their occupied lands and done justice to the Palestinian people by endorsing their right to establish their state and restore their rights. We call on all state around the world to follow their lead until ending the occupation of Palestine.

Third: The Palestinian people will continue sticking to the option of resistance with all its forms, above all the armed resistance, to face off the Israeli occupation and its appalling crimes against the Palestinian people until the sought-after Palestinian demands for freedom and independence are met.  

Fourth: All attempts to normalise relations with the Israeli occupation are rejected, as they amount to a stab in the back of the Palestinian people and their great sacrifices. Normalisation will not grant any legitimacy to the Israeli occupation.

Fifth: Hamas reiterates its support for all efforts aimed at achieving Palestinian unity and restructuring the Palestinian House on the basis of facing off the challenges posed to the Palestinian cause and the plans intended to liquidate it. Hamas stresses that its completely willing to facilitate the democratic election process and hold inclusive election in the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem to formulate a new Palestinian state that will take care of the interests of Palestinian people and achieve their aspirations.

Sixth: The right of return of Palestinian refugees to their house and homeland, from which they were displaced, is a constant and legal right guaranteed under international laws and UN resolutions; the Palestinian people will never backtrack, waive, or concede such right.  

Seventh: We hail the Palestinian people in the West Bank, Jerusalem, Gaza, and the 1948 occupied territories as well as in diaspora for their legendary steadfastness and epic struggle to end the occupation and establish their independent state on Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital. Also, we salute Palestinian Jerusalemites for defending al-Aqsa Mosque and occupied Jerusalem, which is real core of the conflict with the Israeli occupation.

Eight: The Great Return March and Breaking the Siege is an icon in the joint Palestinian action by Palestinian factions and people and an extension of the long-standing Palestinian struggle against the occupation. The Palestinian sacrifices and willpower are an advanced step to fight off all plans aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause and foil the “deal of the century” and the Balfour Declaration, which requires enhancing the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and unifying all efforts in support of them until liberating their lands and holy sites.   

Hamas Movement

November 2, 2019