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Hamas has agreed to holding Palestinian elections, says PLC speaker

02 November, 19

Hamas will not backtrack on its stance towards Palestinian elections, stressed Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) Aziz Dweik.

During a meeting between Qatar’s ambassador Mohammed al-Emadi and Hamas officials in the occupied West Bank, Dweik said that the Qatari envoy had been informed that Hamas supports holding elections to renew mandate of Palestinian institutions in order to face of the challenges posed to the Palestinian cause.

Stressing that elections should include presidential, legislative, and National Council polls, Dweik disputed all allegations that Hamas has not agreed to holding Palestinian elections.    

Dweik confirmed that the constitutional mandate of the Legislative Council has expired a long while ago.  

The PLC’s elected speaker called for “giving a complete chance for freedoms” and an end to suppression and arrest of Palestinian civilians, as well as backtracking from cutting salaries of civil servants, including parliamentarians, and stipends paid to families of Palestinian prisoners, as this move reflects “dishonest intentions towards respecting the Palestinian political system and the Palestinian Law. 

Dweik added that he had suggested to the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority that general freedom be given to the Palestinian people, the Palestinian Law be respected, and the monopolist and unilateral policies be reversed.    

Dweik pointed out that the Palestinian people have a right to select their leadership and stick to all of their rights, adding that the Palestinian House needs to be restructured by renewing the mandate of Palestinian institutions.