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Hamas calls for maintaining stability in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps

04 November, 19

Hamas official Ayman Shanaa called Sunday for maintaining security and stability in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps to face off the plans targeting the Palestine refugee issue.

While receiving delegations from popular committees, including the Market Traders Committee, from Ein al-Hilwa refugee camp, Shanaa lauded the state of stability in Ein al-Hilwa refugee camp.

During the meeting, Shanaa discussed with the Market Traders Committee deteriorating economic situation in Ein al-Hilwa camp in the crisis-hit country.

Ein al-Hilwa refugee camp, home to over than 80,000 residents, is Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp.

The camp had previously seen mounting security tensions among Palestinian factions, during which Palestinian figures were assassinated. 

About 174,422 Palestinian refugees live in 12 camps and 156 communities across Lebanon, according to data published by the Lebanese Central Statistics Department in 2017.