Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on UNRWA chief’s resignation

06 November, 19

Commenting on the resignation of UNRW Commissioner-General after concluding a probe into ethical abuses in the organisation, member of Hamas International Relations Office Dr. Basem Naim stated the following:

The resignation of UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krähenbühl on request of the UN Secretary General following a probe into alleged ethical abuses, despite the fact that the results have not been published yet, is worrying and fuels fears about the plot targeting the UN body and its mandate.  

The resignation is coupled with US-Israeli pressure and takes place at a very sensitive time, as talks at the UN General Assembly to renew UNRWA’s mandate for another three years are currently in place. 

The UN and UNRWA administration should handle this situation with absolute transparency and keep Palestinians updated on the details the investigation.

UNRWA exemplifies the international, political will to aid Palestinian refugees until their rights to return and compensation are met.

We, as Palestinians, will not accept another Nakbh after the forced displacement of the Palestinian people in 1948 by Zionist gangs.

Lifting the political and legal cover off Palestinian refugees by dissolving UNRWA or revoking its mandate is not a justification for corruption. Rather, we are the most concerned with ensuring good-governing and transparency at UNRWA instalments.   

Dr. Basem Naim