Press release on assassination of Islamic Jihad commander

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Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum stated the following:

The assassination of senior Islamic Jihad commander Bahaa Abu Al-Ata by Israeli occupation is a dangerous escalation and a continuation of the Israeli aggression and terrorism against the Palestinian people and resistance.

Targeting an icon of the Palestinian resistance reveals preliminary intentions of the Israeli occupation to go into a new battle against the Palestinian resistance in order to export its internal crises and impose new rules of engagement.

This aggression will backfire in the face of Israeli occupation and its criminal leaders. The Israeli occupation has started such attack and thus has to pay a price for it.

The Palestinian blood is a red line and very valuable for us, so we will not let the Israeli occupation to shed it or turn Gaza into an arena to export its internal crises. 

Finally, the Israeli crimes will not break the will of the Palestinian resistance, nor will they dissuade it from performing its duty and defending its people against any Israeli aggression.

Hamas spokesperson

Fawzi Barhoum

November 12, 2019