Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release by Hamas chief on Israeli aggression against Gaza

12 November, 19

On the Israeli aggression against Gaza and assassinating senior Islamic Jihad commander, Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh states the following:

Hamas movement offers its sincere condolences to the Islamic Jihad movement, especially to its top official Ziyad al-Nakhalah over the death of senior commander Baha’ Abu Al-Ata after being assassinated by Israeli occupation forces.

The assassination policy, considered by the Israeli occupation as a pillar of its security strategy, will not dissuade the Palestinian resistance from facing off the Israeli occupation.

Today’s crime and the Israeli bombardment in Gaza are added to the Israeli criminal record that is intended to liquidate the Palestinian cause by attacking the Palestinian people, the resistance, and high-ranking resistance officers.

The Israeli crimes will push the Palestinian people to uphold their constants and rights by adopting all forms of resistance against the Israeli occupation. The resistance factions, furthermore, will remain united in the path of resistance.

Moreover, the Israeli aggression coincides with endeavours to rearrange the Palestinian home and restore unity by which the Palestinians stand united to tackle the Israeli violations in Jerusalem, at Al-Aqsa Mosque, and in Israeli jails.

By assassinating Abu Al-Ata, the Israeli occupation tries to create chaos and to hinder our bids to restore unity, especially after a positive atmosphere characterized the factional talks.

Head of Hamas Political Bureau

Ismail Haniyeh

November 12, 2019