Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release by Joint Operation Chamber on Israeli bombardment in Gaza

13 November, 19

The Israeli occupation is still bombarding Gaza for the second day and the Palestinian resistance is handling the attacks and defending the Palestinian civilians.

We, the resistance groups in Gaza, would like to stress the following points:

First: As long as the Israeli warplanes bomb the Gaza Strip, the resistance will respond to the Israeli aggression and defend the Palestinian people. Moreover, the Israeli occupation is held responsible for any consequences of attacking the enclave, for it started the aggression yesterday at dawn by assassinating a senior resistance commander.

Second: All the military wings of the Palestinian faction coordinate their operations in the Joint Operation Chamber, and the resistance actions to face off the Israeli offensive are calculated and agreed upon by all the resistance groups.

Third: We will not keep silent while the Israeli occupation is bombarding Gaza. In addition, we will not accept that the Israeli occupation reimposes the ‘assassination policy’ under any circumstances.

Joint Operation Chamber of the Resistance Factions

Wednesday, November 13, 2019