Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on the EU statement on the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip

14 November, 19

Once again, the European Union expresses a weak position towards the Palestinian cause, reflecting the Zionist lobby's domination over political actors in Brussels.

Commenting on the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, which has led to the death of more than 25 Palestinian civilians, the injury of dozens, and the demolition of several houses, the EU spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic issued a statement clarifying the EU’s position on the situation. Indeed, the stance of the EU is unfair and totally biased towards the Israeli occupation. It turned the attention into the homemade rockets and projectiles launched from the Gaza Strip, while turning a blind eye to the ongoing Israeli aggression against our people. Most importantly, it ignores the root cause of the issue that the Palestinian people are facing a racist fascist occupation.

We had expected that at least the EU would call on the Israeli occupation to abide by the provisions of the international law and international humanitarian law and stop its aggression immediately, given that the firing of rockets came as a response to the Israeli occupation’s continuing crimes against our people. Secondly, we hoped that the EU statement would call for lifting the siege that several international organizations and committees have described as a war crime and a crime against humanity. Third, the EU should have called for ending the Israeli occupation to our land and holy places.

Finally, those who cannot take a balanced position on such a situation are not qualified to play a pivotal role in a decades-old conflict.

Dr Basem Naim

Member of Hamas International Relations Office

November 14, 2019