Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on renewal of UNRWA’s mandate until 2023

16 November, 19

The UN’s Fourth Committee approved extending the mandate for UNRWA until 2023 after 170 countries voted in favour of the resolution.

Accordingly, Hamas movement welcomes the renewal of UNRWA’s mandate for three years, considering the move as a vote on the just cause of the Palestinian people and the refugees’ issue.

In addition, the vote is a strong slap for the Israeli occupation and the USA after years-long efforts aimed to end the issue of the Palestinian refugees by dismantling and defaming UNRWA. The vote also highlights that the Israeli occupation is isolated at the International level in spite of the enormous support of the US administration.

This overwhelming vote entails that more political and financial support shall be provided to UNRWA to continue its operations targeting Palestinian refugees until they go back to their hometowns and villages from which they were forced out in 1948 and be compensated for their losses and pains.

On this occasion, Hamas thanks all the countries that voted in favour of this decision and demands the nations that abstained review their stance.

Hamas movement

November 16, 2019