Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas meets PFLP officials in Lebanon

19 November, 19

A senior delegation from Hamas, headed by Ahmad Abdel Hadi, Hamas representative in Lebanon, visited Monday the Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) leadership, including PFLP representative in Lebanon Marwan Abdel Aal.

Both sides discussed the latest developments concerning the Palestinian cause and the challenge threatening the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Apart from Abdel Hadi, the Hamas delegation included Mashour Abdel Halim, in charge of Palestinian relations, Abdel Majeed Awad, in charge of media and political relations, and Ali Qasem, in charge of political affairs in Beirut.  

Both delegations denounced the latest Israeli aggression against Gaza and the assassination of Islamic Jihad official Bahaa Abu al-Ata in Gaza, and the assassination attempt of Islamic Jihad official Akarm al-Ajouri in Damascus.     

Highlighting the necessity to achieve national unity to face off the challenges posed to the Palestinian cause, the Palestinian officials called for taking “serious action” to end the intra-Palestinian division and agree on a unified national strategy to fight off all plans targeting the Palestinian cause. 

As for Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees, both sides praised the stable security situation in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, calling for activating the joint Palestinian action to maintain security in the refugee camps and alleviate the suffering of Palestinian refugees.