Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Israeli policy of administrative detention

21 November, 19

We vehemently condemn administrative detention, which has become a regular practice followed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian civilians and figures. Administrative detention is a war crime and a crime against humanity added to the Israeli black criminal record.    

Also, we deplore the silence of international community and human rights groups towards such crimes and violations against thousands of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, who are prisoners of war defending their rights and freedom.

This silence encourages the Israeli occupation to intensify its hegemony over the Palestinian people and subject them to more torture, as well as stealing their resources and liquidating their rights.

It is time to take an international and human rights action to end the suffering of Palestinian detainees, put an end to Israeli violations against them and hold the Israeli occupation accountable for such crimes. 

We call on all Palestinian factions to intensify their campaigns in support of Palestinian detainees, especially the prisoners who have gone on a hunger strikes and sick detainees, and fight off the suppressive Israeli policies against them until they restore their freedom and their suffering ends. 

Hamas movement

November 21, 2019