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Photos: Hamas hands over a positive response about elections to Palestinian Election Committee

27 November, 19

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh said that the movement handed over a positive response about the elections to chief of Election Committee Hanna Naser

At a press conference held after meeting the election committee in Gaza, Haniyeh confirmed that Hamas will participate in the polls orgnaised according to the Palestinian law and consensus.

The Hamas official added that a national meeting, where all factions discuss issues about holding the elections, has to be held following the presidential decree to hold elections.

“Freedoms are the base that enables Palestinian voters to exercise their right to freedom of expression,” Haniyeh added.

He pointed out that the election is not a goal, but a way out the current Palestinian dilemma and means to restructure our home.

“The choice of the Palestinians in polls will be respected by Hamas,” the top Hamas official stressed.

Haniyeh concluded by thanking chief of Elections Committee Hanna Naser for his efforts to hold the poll.

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