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Photos: Hamas delegation meets Palestinian factions in Lebanon

30 November, 19

A senior delegation from the Hamas movement conducted on Wednesday a round of meetings with Palestinian factions in Beirut.

The Hamas delegation, headed by Hamas deputy chief Saleh Al-Aruri, met with Islamic Jihad, Palestinian Popular Front, Palestinian Democratic Front, The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command, Palestinian Liberation Front, Fatah al-Intifada.

The Hamas delegation discussed the latest developments concerning the Palestinian cause and the challenges facing the Palestinian issue.

The factions condemned medical negligence in Israeli prisons which led to the killing of Palestinian detainee Sami Abu Diak. They considered Abu Diak’s death a crime against humanity.

They also urged international organisations to intervene immediately in order to save the lives of thousands of Palestinians in the Israeli jails, stressing that resistance is the best path to liberate Palestine.

The met factions agreed that considering Israeli settlements in the West Bank by the US as a legal activity that doesn’t oppose international law is a part of the ‘Deal of Century’.

They stressed that Palestinians can respond to these measures through national unity and restructuring the Palestinian home.

The Palestinian factions also called for restoring national unity in order to face off the dangers facing the Palestinian cause, especially the ‘Deal of Century’.

Hamas and the factions confirmed that Palestinian refugees should have a decent life in Lebanon by granting them all their civil and humanitarian rights, urging UNRWA to prepare an ‘emergency plan’ to meet the humanitarian needs of Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees.

All the factions highlighted that Palestinian refugees in Lebanon must be neutralised and not be involved in any crisis in the country.

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