Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Palestinian hunger strikers in Israeli prisons

30 November, 19

The administrative detention policy followed by the Israeli occupation, coupled with its disregard to the just demands of Ahmad Zahran and Mossab al-Hindi who have gone on a hunger strike demanding their release from Israeli prisons and an end to their suffering, reflects the scale of injustice and oppression practiced by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people and Palestinian detainees in its jails.

The silence of international organisations and human rights groups over such crimes and violations is unjustifiable. It provides a cover for more Israeli violations against the Palestinian detainees.  

International NGOs and human rights groups should assume their responsibility and take firm stances to deter the Israeli occupation, save the lives of Palestinian detainees, and end their suffering.  

In light of the great sacrifices made by Palestinian detainees and the legendary steadfastness shown by them amid arbitrary and hostile policies adopted by Israeli occupation against them, Hamas calls on the Palestinian people and factions to take on their national and moral duty towards this sacred issue and not leave the Palestinian detainees alone in their fight for their rights, as well as unifying all efforts to take an effective, national action in support of the Palestinian detainees in their struggle against the Israeli occupation and its suppressive measures against them ending their suffering and restoring their freedom.

 Highlighting the necessity and importance for Arabs and Muslims to demonstrate their solidarity with this just issues of the Palestinian people, above all the issue of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons, Hamas urges for pressure to be placed on decision-makers in the region to assume their responsibility towards the Palestinian detainees, endorse their rights, and work on releasing them from Israeli jails.  

Hamas movement

November 30, 2019