Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on extrajudicial killing of Palestinian by Israeli occupation

01 December, 19

Israeli occupation forces and settler gangs have intensified their atrocious attacks against the Palestinian people of the West Bank and Jerusalem, resulting in the killing of Palestinian civilians and doubling the number of injured and detained people, as well as leaving damage to properties and plants.

As we deplore this barbaric attack against Palestinian civilians, we state the following:   

We mourn the killing of Badawi Khalid Masalma, 18, whose dream was to see Palestine liberated without occupation and settlements.

Hamas highlights the right of the Palestinian people to resist the occupation and protect their lands with all means possible, above all armed resistance.

We call for providing a suitable environment for the Palestinian people to resist the occupation and settler gangs. Protecting Israeli settlers through security coordination does not go in line with the Palestinian national project and option of resistance.

Calling on Palestinians to repulse Israeli settlers’ violence provides a firm basis for an inclusive, national program to thwart the Israeli colonial project in the occupied West Bank. 

Hamas Movement

December 1, 2019