Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on approval of Jewish neighbourhood in Hebron

02 December, 19

Constructing a new colonial spot in Hebron is a part of a systematic policy followed by Israeli occupation governments in a bid to judaize the historical heart of the city according to a Talmudic narrative.

The fait accompli policy adopted by the Israeli occupation government and settler gangs proves that there is a systematic plan to take over the Palestinian territories and to threaten the lives of Palestinians through assaults on Palestinian villages and roads across the occupied West Bank.

We call on Hebron’s residents to stand steadfast in the Old City and the Ibrahimi mosque and intensify their mass participation in prayers at the sacred compound to send a clear message to Israeli leaders that Hebron’s history will remain Arab and Islamic.

We tell Israeli leaders that your fake history that you are trying to rewrite in the West Bank is doomed to failure just as your fake stones in Hebron’s Old City that were removed by young Palestinian men.  

Hamas movement

December 2, 2019