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Hamas denies receiving offer for long-term truce with Israeli occupation

04 December, 19

Khalil al-Hayya,Member of Hamas Political Bureau
Khalil al-Hayya,Member of Hamas Political Bureau

Member of Hamas Political Bureau Khalil al-Hayya denied that his movement had received an offer for a long-term ceasefire or such proposal had been discussed with mediators or studied by the Hamas leadership.

In a press release on Wednesday evening, al-Hayya pointed out that the meetings held in Cairo between Hamas and Egyptian officials had addressed the challenges posed to the Palestinian cause, in addition to issues related to the internal Palestinian affairs, such as the Palestinian elections.

Al-Hayya explained that the long-term truce had been proposed by either the Israeli occupation as part of the internal election contest, or by the “Oslo Accords’ team” to raise suspicions on the stance of Hamas and Palestinian factions.   

The senior Hamas official highlighted that head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh’s visit to Cairo came following an invitation for him simultaneously with another one for Ziad al-Nakhala, secretary general of Islamic Jihad.

We’re following up with Egypt the implementation of ceasefire understandings, al-Hayya continued. 


Al-Hayya hoped that Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas would issue the presidential decree concerning the Palestinian elections. 

“Hamas has removed all obstacles in the path of Palestinian elections and the ball in now in Abbas’ court,” al-Hayya added.

Al-Hayya stressed that the election is the best chance to unite the Palestinian people, calling on the PA president to hold legislative elections in order to pave the ground for a true partnership through the election polls.

Hamas wants partnership away from the monopolist policy and wants to end the division, achieve the national unity and rebuild the Palestine Liberation Organisation, al-Hayya explained. 

Gaza field hospital

Addressing the sides tarnishing the image of the Gaza field hospital, al-Hayya said that “they don’t want the [Israeli] siege on Gaza to be lifted.”

“If the [field] hospital provided medical service without a price, we would express our gratitude to it,” al-Hayya continued. “But, if we find any breach of our national and security interests, we’ll immediately ask it to leave.”

Al-Hayya pointed out that Gaza suffered from a lack of medicines and medical equipment, as the PA had slashed its funds for Gaza’s healthcare system.  

 ‘Sea connection’

Commenting on a proposed plan for a sea connection for Gaza, al-Hayya said that “we have demanded one and an airport for Gaza and the West Bank.”

Al-Hayya refuted claims that Hamas had got into political negotiations with the Israeli occupation, adding that it entered into talks “from a position of strength” to reach understandings to break the Israeli siege on Gaza.

Hamas has discussed with Egyptian officials the plan to establish a sea connection linking Gaza to the outside world, al-Hayya continued, noting “But, we have not reached the details of it yet.”

Holding the Israeli occupation responsible for placing a blockade on Gaza, al-Hayya insisted that the Israeli occupation “should lift the siege on the Gaza Strip,”