88 Palestinians killed since October 1

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At least 88 Palestinians have been killed since the start of the Jerusalem Intifada on October 1 including 18 children and four women, medical sources revealed.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said that 69 Palestinians were shot and killed in occupied West Bank, while 18 others were killed during Gaza clashes whereas one youth was killed in the Negev. 

More than 1422 Palestinians have sustained live gunshot wounds during West Bank and Gaza clashes, while 2150 suffered rubber bullet injures. More than 6300 tear gas inhalation cases were reported.

The Ministry pointed out that 255 Palestinians suffered different fractures and bruises after being brutally attacked by Israeli forces and settlers.

In the West Bank, 983 Palestinians were shot by live rounds, while at least 938 others were hit by rubber-coated steel bullets. 

In Gaza Strip, 439 Palestinians were shot with live rounds, while 115 suffered rubber bullet injuries.

The Health Ministry said that 416 Palestinian children were among the injured persons including 226 injured with live ammunition and 128 injured with rubber bullets.

Source : Palestinian Information Center