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Photos: Hamas congratulates Catholic Church on Christmas

30 December, 19

A Hamas delegation congratulated representatives of Catholic Church in Gaza on Christians.

The delegation includes Hamas official Dr. Basem Naim, Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum, and Head of Higher Committee for Islamic Jurisdiction Hasan al-Juju.

Hamas official Dr. Basem Naim said that the leadership of Hamas inside Palestine and in the diaspora congratulate our partners in land and destiny on Christmas.

“We send our wishes for a happy new year,” he added.

The Hamas official hoped that Palestinians, Muslims, and Christians, will be able to perform prayers by next year after they have their homeland liberated.

Naim also condemned the Israeli barring of Gaza’s Christians from visiting the Church of Nativity, stressing that the Israeli occupation targets all the Palestinians regardless of their different religions.

The Israeli occupation bans the Muslims from visiting Al-Aqsa, and it bars Christians from performing prayers in the Church of Nativity and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Head of the Catholic Church in Gaza Father Gabriel Romanell thanked the Hamas delegation and hoped that all Palestinians would enjoy peace, justice, and freedom.

He reiterated that stance of the Catholic Church that the independent Palestinian state recognised by Vatican City-State should be established, highlighting that the Pope had recognised the independence of Palestine.

Father Romanell also wished that understanding among Palestinians will continue and that Palestinian division would end soon.

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