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Israeli occupation killed 27 Gaza children in 2019: rights group

09 January, 20


Israeli occupation forces have killed 27 Palestinian children and wounded more than 2,000 others in the Gaza Strip in 2019, a human rights group found.

In its Wednesday’s report, the Palestinian rights group said that Israeli occupation forces continued to commit many violations against Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Arbitrary arrests of Palestinians, including fishermen working off Gaza’s coast, laborers working near the border fence, and children who get close to the fence to either explore new areas or even protest the 13-year siege imposed on the impoverished enclave are among these violations, the group explained.

“Israel is holding children in violation of international standards of human rights,” the rights group added, noting that Israeli occupation forces had detained 35 children in Gaza over the past year.  

Israeli occupation forces have perpetrated violations and “assaults” against educational institutions and healthcare facilities in Gaza by bombing or opening fire directly at these institutions and targeting their vicinity, inflicting damage to them, the Gaza-based rights group pointed out.

The report mentioned that 32 schools had been partially damaged after being struck or their vicinity by Israeli occupation forces.

The human rights group stressed that the continuous Israeli violations of international and humanitarian laws are a “natural reflection of the international community’s failure to assume their legal and moral duties towards civilians in the Strip.”