Hamas Islamic Resistance

Report: 4,164 Israeli violations in Jerusalem in 2019

20 January, 20

Jerusalem witnessed a surge of Israeli assaults and violations against Palestinian civilians, including shootings that left 10 people killed, over the past year a report by Hamas’ Media Division in the occupied West Bank found.

The annual report documented 4,164 assaults and violations committed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian residents of occupied Jerusalem throughout the last year.

Highlighting a spike in home demolitions and displacement of Palestinian civilians, the report has put the number of destroyed houses and structures at 279, including 100 housing units in Jerusalem’s Wadi al-Hummus neighbourhood that left nearly 700 people homeless in one of largest mass displacements since the 1967 occupation of the holy city.    

The escalation in aggressive Israeli policies against the Palestinian people comes amid unlimited US support to judaize the holy city and change its demographic structure, the report explained.

As more than 247 Palestinian worshippers have been banned from entering the al-Aqsa Mosque compound last year, Israeli settlers have stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque complex 293 times over the last year, escorted by Israeli occupation forces.  

Apart from the Israeli violations in occupied Jerusalem, Israeli occupation forces tried to reclose the Bab al-Rahma prayer hall after Palestinian worshippers managed to open it last February.

As part of a plan to “Israelise” occupied Jerusalem, the Israeli occupation closed an office for the Palestinian Ministry of Education and the office of Palestine TV station.  

Also, the Israeli occupation attempts to impose its education curriculum on Palestinian schools in occupied Jerusalem, a move completely rejected by the Palestinian residents of the holy city.