Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on participation of world leaders in Holocaust memorial

22 January, 20

Dozens of world leaders are gathering these days in the occupied Palestinian territories to attend the Holocaust memorial ceremony, while the Israeli occupation has been inflicting all forms of racism and committing heinous crimes against the Palestinian people and their constant right to liberation and independence for more than seven decades.

The Palestinian people are practising their natural right to reject the Israeli occupation and to resist it with all internationally-guaranteed means possible. They are waiting for these world leaders to support them in their fight for freedom, deplore the unabated occupation of their lands, and abandon the double standard policy when dealing with international law, as well as turning their words into actions to put an end to the longest colonial occupation in the modern era.     

Those leaders have to remember that millions of Palestinians are living into Israeli apartheid ghettos hundreds of meters away from the place there are gathering in.

The Palestinian people adhere to peace, but they hate injustice and racism. They are looking forward to gain freedom and independence, expecting the free people of the world to back them in their struggle to establish an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.