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Hamas condemns Israeli arson attack on Badrieh mosque in Jerusalem

26 January, 20

Mohammed Abu Tair, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, denounced on Saturday an arson attack by Israeli settlers on al-Badriya mosque in Jerusalem’s Sharfat village.

In a statement, Abu Tair called on the Palestinian people to unite and fight off Israeli settlers’ attacks on holy sites and mosque, above all the al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Jerusalem MP hailed the huge crowds of Palestinian worshippers who gathered in the al-Aqsa Mosque to defend the sacred compound against Israeli violations and measures.   

Israeli occupation authorities on Friday banned Palestinian worshippers to performing Fajr prayer at al-Aqsa Mosque complex, Abu Tair pointed out, condemning Israeli occupation forces for attacking and detaining the Palestinian worshippers.  

Abu Tair stressed that Israeli assaults and arrest campaigns at al-Aqsa Mosque aimed at dissuading the Palestinian people from accessing the holy complex.