Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas chief phones President Abbas to discuss how to face off Trump’s plan

28 January, 20

Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh phoned this evening President of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas.

In the phone call, the Hamas chief stressed that the movement rejects the deal of the century, highlighting that the Palestinian people are united to face off the deal of the century and Palestinian rights.

Haniyeh noted that Palestinian reconciliation is necessary in this very critical time and confirmed that the movement is ready to work together to foil US-Israeli schemes.

The top Hamas official said that the movement rejects any proposals that waive Palestinian rights and constants.

President Abbas, in turn, hailed this initiative, highlighting that he rejects the Trump’s deal. He stressed that the PA ‘is taking all possible tracks’ to foil the US-planned scheme at political, diplomatic, and popular levels.

Abbas welcomed joint work in Palestine and in the diaspora to tackle the deal.