Hamas Islamic Resistance

Three tracks to face off “deal of century”, says Hamas official

01 February, 20

Facing off the Trump administration’s plan requires a clear strategy the takes three tracks at the political, diplomatic, and media levels, said Ezzt al-Rasheq, member of Hamas Political Bureau.

In a press release, al-Rasheq explained that the first track is uniting the Palestinian people and strengthening their political position by using a unified strategy to defend Palestinian rights and constants.

The second one, al-Rasheq continued, involves setting up an Arab, Muslim front to end the Israeli occupation to the Palestinian territories and criminalise normalisation with the Israeli occupation, the first common enemy of Arab and Muslim nations.     

As for the third track, al-Rasheq called for popular support from Arab and Muslims countries and the free people of the world for the option of resistance to enable the Palestinian people to defend their lands and rights and preserve their constants.

The Palestinian people will never forfeit or waive their rights and constants, al-Rasheq reiterated, stressing that the Palestinian people have a legitimate right to resist occupation, in all forms, until their rights, lands, and holy sites are restored.

Al-Rasheq denounced the “deal of the century” as part of a “series of a new aggression aimed at liquidating and ending the Palestinian presence, history, rights, and constants, above all Jerusalem and the al-Aqsa Mosque.”