Hamas Islamic Resistance

Trump’s deal cannot change history of Palestine, says Hamas official

03 February, 20

Trump’s plan cannot change truth and history of Palestine, Jihad Taha, Hamas deputy political chief in Lebanon, said on Monday evening.

In a press release, Taha stressed that the US role in the Middle East and the White House’s deal will “only be a key factor behind racism, hatred, and instability,” in the region.

Taha reiterated the necessity for all Palestinian factions to unite against all plans targeting the Palestinian cause, preserve Palestinian national rights, and set up a unified strategy to face off Trump’s “deal of the century.”

The Hamas official called for a “unified” Arab and Muslim position in support of the Palestinian people to fight off the Trump administration’s plan.

Taha praised the popular activities held across various countries to protest against the “deal of the century”, pointing out that the Palestinian people are capable of foiling the US-drafted plan.