Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas chief phones Lebanese Parliament’s Speaker

05 February, 20

Head of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh discussed in a phone call the “deal of the century” with Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

During the phone call, Haniyeh highlighted the steps taken by Hamas to ensure the success of the Palestinian election process in order to restore national unity, a key factor to fight off Trump’s plan.

Hailing Berri for his supportive positions towards the Palestinian cause, the Hamas chief lauded the stances taken by the Lebanese president, government, and people in support of the Palestinian issue, stressing the value of reinforcing the Palestinian position against the Trump administration’s deal at the Arab and Islamic levels.

Haniyeh called on Berri to “encourage” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to hold a meeting for secretary generals in Cairo to set up a national, inclusive strategy to address the Palestinian cause and protect it against suspicious deals. 

The Lebanese house speaker, in turn, restated his country’s position against the “deal of the century” and in support of Palestinian rights, pointing out that facing off Trump’s plan requires national unity to be achieved and option of resistance be embraced.  

The top Hamas official offered his congratulations to Berri on the formation of a new government, wishing a future of security and stability for Lebanon.