Hamas Islamic Resistance

Hamas: PA must stop political detention to save Palestinian cause

06 February, 20


Fathi al-Qarawi, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, has called for a complete halt to political arrests and security collaboration with the Israeli occupation.

In a press release, al-Qarawi deplored the increase in political arrests “as the Palestinian cause is going through a very critical stage that requires a complete end to security collaboration and political detentions.”

The continuation of security collaboration, in which political arrests are an important part of it, will lead the Palestinian Authority (PA) to lose its credibility, as PA officials’ statements in this regard contradict with reality on the ground amid a surge in political detentions against Palestinians, al-Qarawi pointed out.

Stressing that the Palestinian status quo will not change as long as the PA insists on security collaboration with the Israeli occupation, the Hamas MP called on the West Bank-based PA leadership to put an end to this approach.

Al-Qarawi urged human rights groups to “raise their voice” and call for an end to human rights abuse and political arrests by the PA security forces against Palestinian activists and students.