Hamas Islamic Resistance

Press release on Israeli plan to annex West Bank settlements

09 February, 20

Press release
Press release

The announcement by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu that the US and the Israeli occupation has started to draw new maps to annex settlements in the West Bank to the  Israeli occupation in the occupied West Bank is continuation of American-Israeli aggression against the rights of the Palestinian people; they should bear the consequences of such assault on Palestinian rights, as the Palestinian people and factions will not hesitate to defend their rights with all means possible and preserve their historical rights at any cost. Palestine belongs to its indigenous people, the Palestinians. The US and Israeli occupation, the bilateral force of evil, will never change this status quo.  

Saluting the Palestinian residents of the West Bank and Jerusalem for their steadfastness and resilience in the face of Israeli occupation, Hamas calls on them to intensify popular action in all its forms and with all means possible and get into their sacred fight against the occupation. 

All Palestinians are required to immediately act to unify their efforts and gear up for a fight to face off this imminent danger and thwart this plot.