Hamas Islamic Resistance

‘Rights are strength factor for Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees,’ says Hamas official

13 February, 20

Jihad Taha, Hamas deputy political chief in Lebanon, slammed Tuesday Lebanon’s cabinet for its failure to include humanitarian, civil, and social rights for Palestinian refugees in its ministerial statement. 

In a press release, Taha explained that humanitarian rights are the “strength factor in the face of Israeli projects,” as they secure Palestinian refugees a decent life amid the crises facing Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

Reading the cabinet statement, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that his government is committed to rejecting resettlement of Palestinian refugees and sticking to their right of return. 

Palestinian refugees are keen on maintaining security and stability in the country, Taha stressed.

Taha said that his movement is “looking forward a responsible Lebanese-Palestinian dialogue” that addresses the needs of Palestinian refugees amid the immensely-aggravating humanitarian situation of the refugee camps in Lebanon. 

The Hamas official called on the newly formed government, which has just won a vote of confidence in the parliament, to “activate” the role of Lebanese-Palestinian dialogue committee and enforce a Lebanese-Palestinian vision that addresses all matters related to Palestinian refugee camps.

Taha reiterated his movement’s rejection to all calls and plans for resettlement of Palestinian refugees.