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Hamas is determined to thwart Trump's deal, says senior official

14 February, 20

Khalil al-Hayya,Member of Hamas Political Bureau
Khalil al-Hayya,Member of Hamas Political Bureau

Hamas alongside all Palestinian factions are determined to resist the Israeli occupation and face off the “deal of the century,” Khalil al-Hayya, member of Hamas Political Bureau, said on Wednesday evening.

Speaking at a ceremony to celebrate the release of Hazem Hassanein from Israeli prisons, al-Hayya said that if security coordination with the Israeli occupation was not ended, the “world would not believe that we are against the “deal of the century”.”

Al-Hayya called for taking a position against the Trump deal “that will go down in history” and fighting off the US plan with “words and actions.”

Addressing Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, al-Hayya said: “Hamas is gearing up to uproot you and we’re preparing for you to leave our land,” citing his threats against his movement.    

Al-Hayya reiterated the necessity of national unity, pointing out that resisting the Israeli occupation with all means possible is the only path to face off the “deal of the century”.

The senior Hamas official urged the Palestinian Authority to revoke its recognition of the Israeli occupation and put an end to the security collaboration. 

As he congratulated Hassanein on his release from Israeli prisons, al-Hayya stressed that his movement is working around the clock to free all Palestinian detainees from Israeli jails.